Zhejiang Jinhua 80-100 tons of construction waste recycling production line project

  • Production capacity:
  • Processing materials:
  • Device Configuration:
  • 80-100t/h
  • construction rubbish
  • Mobile impact crushing station

Project Introduction

Urban beautification is inseparable from projects such as building repairs and new construction of old houses. Of course, the progress of each project will be accompanied by the generation of construction waste. The amount of construction waste in Zhejiang has been increasing in recent years, and failure to deal with it in time will greatly affect The overall image and environment of the city. After understanding the principle of “construction waste transforming recycled aggregates”, the local investor Mr. Liu decided to invest in the project. Under the introduction of a friend, he found a Shanghai Dongmeng manufacturer and asked to configure related crushing production lines to realize the recycling of construction waste. Obtain effective profits.


1.Fast transition and wider application

2.Green environmental protection, energy saving and low consumption

3.Modern processing base, digital processing

4.Structure upgrade, high quality requirements

5.Optimized design, integrated control system

6.One-stop pre-sales and after-sales service to ensure maximum customer benefits

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client feedback

I have friends who have cooperated with Dongmeng Company and have a good evaluation of their company, so they recommended it to me. After more than one year of use of the equipment, I am very satisfied. The construction waste mobile crushing station designed for me by Dongmeng Company has low investment cost, high output, good quality of finished products, stable production process, and basically no failures. I recovered the investment cost in a short period of time and brought considerable benefits. I am very grateful to the Shanghai Dongmeng manufacturer.